Accountability Systems

Our need for social order has never been greater than what we are experiencing today. Fortunately, one of the qualities of humanity is when there’s a need - we find ways to fill the need. Our panel of experts will discuss their latest discoveries in how compassion fits with accountability.

One of the panel members is a former construction worker, now an educator employed by Walla Walla Community College. Tony McGuire teaches inmates at the prison the basics of carpentry. In addition Tony enjoys their undivided attention and enthusiasm while teaching them resilience building strategies.  One of the tools Tony uses to teach at the prison is a deck of cards that was designed specifically for building resilience skills. Teri Barila calls these cards the Resilience Building Blocks. Tony calls his program “Daily Conversations about Employability through Resilience Building”.

The program is effective for teaching inmates critical skills of how to self regulate. Inmates are learning how to recognize and diffuse anger and other reactive personality traits before they turn into destructive reactions.  This program is boosting their ability to enjoy a higher quality of life through an ability to find, and stay employed, when released.

When it comes to building a great community, each piece of our social puzzle matters. During this panel, six additional members will discuss other ways in which Trauma Informed Care is making a difference in the realm of law and order. Join our panel of well educated and integrated legal experts: Superior Court Judge John Lohrmann, John Cassetto (Drug Court), Donna Coffeen (teacher), Kevin Braman (Patrol Sergeant, Walla Walla Police Department, Jeff Gwinn (Court Appointed Special Advocate) and Sheriff John Turner.