Hello! Are you a relative newcomer to how to build a community initiative around ACEs and Resilience in your home town? Or do you need information on the ACE Study, disrupted neurodevelopment, and resilience to feel better prepared for the conference sessions?

We prepared two webinars for you if you’d like a bit more information about the topics above. The first one-  “The Community Story Behind Paper Tigers”-  provides a bit of history of Walla Walla’s Children’s Resilience Initiative.  We review the how and why of our community coming together to understand the power of brain science in explaining how trauma affects later health outcomes, and the impact across all sectors and all lives of a community. We briefly review our stress responses systems to toxic stress, the ACE Study, and how resilience helps buffer the negative outcomes of ACEs and can build a stronger, more thriving community. This webinar is presented by Teri Barila, co-founder of CRI.

The second webinar dives into the NEAR acronym (neuroscience, epigenetics, ACEs and resilience) and how an understanding of how our bodies respond to stress, to environment and experience, and how we can begin to shift negative patterns imprinted through our neurobiology into powerful positive patterns, especially when we understand that we are creating our internal environments every moment of the day.

We hope the webinars may help newcomers feel a bit more prepared to then select from the panels and the sessions, to build on your emerging wisdom, as you enjoy our conference and our community. 

Pre-Conference Material