Community Capacity Building

What does it mean to build community? Our ability to meet everyone where they are, to see the strengths and gifts we each bring forward, that “meeting at the kitchen table” is still the best way to communicate and share, all these are tenants of community building practice. When we add in a trauma lens to help us understand community, and how to create the connections and sense of belonging—that is our goal in building a resilient community.

Teri Barila, CRI and Walla Walla County Community Network, and Geof Morgan and Kristi Slette, Whatcom Family Community Network, will explore the importance of building relationships and connecting with others within communities to think about leadership, resources and voices in constructing community coalitions. Specific examples of capacity development from Whatcom County and Walla Walla will be presented. Danielle Garbe, Sherwood Trust, a local nonprofit foundation that acts as a catalyst to build capacity, will join in sharing the role philanthropy plays in community development. Teri, Geof and Kristi share the learning and alignment of their respective community work as partners in the Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities (MARC) grant, through the Health Federation of Philadelphia with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the California Endowment.