Health Care Panel

When individuals feel supported and heard by their health care specialists, when we learn that health is an investment in our identity and future, this sense of worth trickles in to classrooms and all domains of community.  Chief Medical Officer Dr. Chris Hall of our largest hospital, Providence, will share stories of resilience he has heard from patients he has served. Dr. Greg Schultz, pediatrician in a rural community clinic in a neighboring County, talks about the impact of early, prevention work, with families.  Hospice palliative care specialist Catherine Zimmerman will discuss incorporating trauma-informed practice particularly to those in bereavement. Laura Norris, a nurse serving teens at The Health Center, speaks to what it means to be in relationships with teens. Levi Wilson, Primary Care Behavioral Health Consultant at a local clinic, describes the how behind his front line service to patients brought to him by primary care physicians as part of their patient care plan.

The last panelist, Meghan DeBolt, is new to our Team as Director of the Department of Community Health. One of the first actions Meghan took was to bring in TIC training to all her staff. Trained in public health, the ACE Study and toxic stress impacts to health outcomes was no surprise to Meghan, nor the connection of resilience in buffering negative outcomes. Recently, in reflecting on how we can be even more effective at promoting community mental wellness, she connected on the impact that attachment to caring, supportive adults can have on children who may be missing a strong adult role model. In reviewing questions from the Healthy Youth Survey and the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, she connected a strong protective factors focus in dealing with the public into her Department’s daily operations. This is how a trauma-informed department becomes a major community leader in putting into practice what it means to use the “trauma lens.”

Meghan and the other panelists are the epitome of care and support to Health Care.