Service Providers and Parents

Last year’s conference was characterized as “The Heart of the Matter”, by which we emphasized safety, connection and learning. These three core words represent trauma informed work, it is, in fact, “The Heart of the Matter” when we can connect learning through safety and connection.

Our panel of service providers will share stories of our collective journey as they describe the how and why of their work with parents. Each tells a unique story that together paints our emerging story of care and compassion. For example, Brooke Bouchey has found that providing a voice for not just the parent, but also the child, to express strong feelings from their personal experiences that shape their mindset, brings a family together. Hearing the experiences that shape the mindsets that preclude health communication, moves toward healing and reunification. Each provider will speak to the how that they came to appreciate in understanding what a trauma lens means.

Two special parents will share their response to this care and compassion, and how they put their lives in perspective when they came to know the ACE story, and the healing of community invested in collective efficacy toward resilience and hope. Join Brooke Bouchey (CRI); Janel Torrescano (CPS); Krissy Mathews (Service Alternatives); Erica Allison (Children’s Home Society); and parents Annett and Heather as we explore strength and resilience in working as a trauma informed community.